Monday, August 3, 2009


Seating Options

Molded Seat (Standard)      Expedition Seat     Expedition Cammo

Molded SeatExpedition SeatExpedition Cammo web

Sport Seat                                   Captain’s Seat

Sport SeatCaptain's Seat

Swivel Seat Swivel                Seat Mount

Swivel Seat Swivel Seat Mount

Fishing Style Swivel Seats

Fishing in the NuCanoe can be made even easier with the addition of a swivel seat. By using the swivel seat, anglers will have improved comfort and maneuverability. Switching side of the boat will be a cinch.

Fishing Accessories

RAM Rod Holder             RAM Fly Holder      Scotty Mount Base

RAM Rod HolderRAM Fly Rod HolderScotty Mount Base web

Sport Box                                      Sport Box (open)                 Sport Box (top view)

Sport Box webSport Box Open webSport Box Top View

Battery Box w/ Strap            Battery Box (top view)

Battery Box w StrapBattery Box Top View

Hunting Accessories

Waterfowler                                                           Waterfowler Layout

NuCanoe Waterfowler (Closed)NuCanoe Waterfowler Layout (Closed) NuCanoe Waterfowler NuCanoe Waterfowler Layout

Rowing and Paddling Accessories

Rowing Outriggers                                                     Mini Magnum Oars

Rowing OutriggersMini Magnum Oars Mini Magnum oars 2

M1 Paddle                                                                  Wave Paddle

M1 PaddleWave Paddle

Other Accessories

Bow Water Shield                      Hands-Free Motor                 U-Joint Tiller Extension

Bow Water ShieldHands-Free Motor webU-Joint Tiller Extension web

Stern Anchor                                                              SOP Anchor Trolley

Stern Anchor 2 webStern Anchor 1 web SOP Anchor Trolley web

Paddle Holder                                                                                     Paddle Holder

Paddle Holder 1 web Paddle Holder 2 web

Paddleboy Air Nemo Cart                                                                       SUT-250-M2

Paddleboy Air Nemo CartPaddleboy Cart webSUT-250-M2

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